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Freedom Over Debt Slavery

" Money is the new form of slavery"
- Leo Tolstoy 1900 AD.

I want you to forget everything you were taught about history. Forget who you were taught won wars or lost wars. It is all lies, or at least so full of lies that it is essentially not trustworthy. You were taught that America is a government of the people, by the people, and for the people. However in reality it is a government of an elite ruling class, in bed with elite large corporations, which are in bed with a small elite banking class consisting of a few very rich families. I'm not talking about the billionaires that they parade in front of you, and have you debate back and forth which one is still "the richest man in the world". I'm talking about the people who finance the billionaires. I'm talking about people who have trillions of dollars, and hundreds of trillions of dollars.

Money As Debt

The money elite use wars to generate wealth. Corruption, greed, and getting something for nothing has been business practice for centuries. They socialize the costs of war amongst the people, and then privatize the profits, to themselves. Until recently slavery has been very profitable for the few owners. However today the people will no longer stand for outright slavery, so the banksters had to come up with a new form of slavery.

Web Of Debt: The Shocking Truth About Our Money System

Their solution is Debt Slavery. Debt Slavery is practiced on a large scale by the International Monetary Fund (IMF ). The IMF is like a world bank. It is the center of the web. Each country's central bank feeds into it. It is a private bank whose owners are secret. Although my readers can guess who is probably behind it. They lend money to other countries, particularly third world countries. Part of the money goes to the government administrators who they have bribed to pass the necessary protections into law. The rest of the money goes to pay increasing debt. The IMF charges the country extremely high interest rates, which they know that the country can't pay back. They then say to the country's government go collect more taxes from the people and give them that money. Now each person works not to pay taxes for services, but instead to pay back their national debt to the bankers.

How The IMF Makes Debt Slaves

The international banking families own both the banks and the corporations that get the contracts that are forced on them to remove the country's debt obligations. So the bankers loan the money, but they are actually, in reality, loaning it to themselves. There is a word for this, it's called Racketeering! They collect interest payments, and taxes, and charge the people for the services. This is the formula that the banksters have used to take over the United States, and every country around the world. Just about all countries now have a central bank, privately owned, and beholden to answering to the world bank, or IMF.

The same formula is used on you on the individual level. Through their large international companies and political ties they cause prices of goods and services, and even taxes,to be so high that the average person must use credit to pay for them. Soon the credit becomes debt as the person slowly finds they are increasingly unable to pay for all these things.

Before they know it, they are a debt slaves. A slave does not need a fence to keep them in at night. For they know that there is no where to run, and they feel that there is no use trying to run anywhere, because the owners have the system all locked up. They are sure that before they could escape their condition, they would be caught, whipped, or worse, and quickly would regret ever running in the first place.

A debt slave cannot stop working. They would lose their home, means of transportation, and eventually their family would be destitute. Thus the fear that they will have no job, can be used by the owners to control debt slaves. It's like the boss man who is forever at watch over the plantation. You don't even need that many boss men. Just a few will do.

The Debt Trap

The banksters like to cause the debt to keep growing, because the more debt they can tack on to you, the more of your total income they can get you to fork over to them. That is why they were secretly so happy when they successfully caused the stock market to crash in 2008 and they started loaning out all those trillions of dollars. They knew that they would get to collect interest payments on every dollar, several times over!

Every person, whether you live in a third world or western country who pays money to their government through such things as an income tax is a debt slave. The income tax was only developed around WWII. It was sold to us as away to pay for government expenses, however the government sends it directly to the Federal Reserve Bank to pay the government's debt on the money it is loaning from the Federal Reserve.

Not one penny taken out of your paycheck goes for government services. If you are lucky enough to still have a job, and you receive a paycheck, you are a debt slave! Your money does not goto pave roads, it goes in the pocket of the international banking families, and the owners of the central banks.

The so called income tax is simply an invention of the banksters. The Federal Reserve Bank and the government needed a way for the government to pay the interest on the debt created, back to the Federal Reserve Bank. You were the ones chosen to come up with the money. As our debt increases, so will the amount of things they will need to taxes us on.

So they invent things like Cap AndTrade, and Carbon Taxes. These are just tricks to get us to fork over more and more money, that ends up in the pockets of the owners.

The Healthcare Reform Act of 2010is the same thing. It is a means for the elite to siphon money from the masses to their pockets. The IRS is the collection and enforcement arm of the international bankers who own it. Since they also own many of the large health insurance companies, they "get you coming and going". Meaning that they threaten you so that you pay your premiums to their healthcare insurance companies, and when you don't they fine you through the IRS, and collect money through your paycheck if need be. For the really naughty boys, they have the government, it's courts and police ready to arrest you if need be.

What we have in the world now is called Systemic Slavery. It is different from the regular slavery of the past. In this modern form of slavery, people still are paid to work. People are not paid much in this form of slavery, but enough for subsistence living. From that small amount, that the elite give us, much of it is returned through taxes, rents, food, and other living expenses paid to corporations / states. Even money collected by the government through the IRS, eventually trickles up tothe elite. The end product of this cycle of money and labor is we build more things for the rich to own. Make no mistake about it, these people will not rest until they have all the money, and all the power!

Why You Are In Debt:The Capitalist Conspiracy

My aim is to aid in bolstering your intelligence, and through the information I give out to you; supply you with the remedy. To this end I have developed a psychology of freedom, called Liberation Psychology. One of the keys to it I call the FREEDOM Principles. Not only is it important to learn each of these principles, but it is even more important that you live them in your life:

The FREEDOM Principles
F ight back against the New World Order....R esist the tyranny of the elite....E ducate yourself and others....E scape the matrix you were born into....D ivest from the corporate state....O vercome feeling helpless....M anifest your dreams and desires.

Fight back against the New World Order
What is the New World Order? By this point you have seen for yourself that it is a generalized term for a multi level plan to aggrandize a small group of people with a majority of the world's wealth and power. To achieve their ends they have corrupted our politicians, court system, military, corporations, medical, and governmental agencies.

Resist the tyranny of the elite

"The tree of liberty must berefreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants" - -Thomas Jefferson

I will not pretend to fool myself, nor any of you, and say that it will be easy to defeat the international bankers. They have the money, the resources, and the organization in place. I want you to understand that times will get tougher before they get better. The price of this victory will be very high. It may cost you all you presently hold dear, even your very life.

Know Your Rights

The banksters begin to lose however, the moment you stop giving them power over your mind. One by one we can awaken and claim our independence. As you wake up, try to share this information with others. Non Cooperation is our key weapon. The more people that stop cooperating with the machine the quicker we can clog its gears. Give your heart and mind to the effort. Throw your body into the gears and bring it to a grinding halt!

Educate yourself and others
The amount of information you will be required to take in over the course of your awakening is vast. There are multiple sources for gaining insight and understanding of what has happened, and what is yet to happen. There are also proven strategies that you can learn to employ to defeat the agenda against you.

Understanding TheDebt System

Escape the matrix you were born into
In the movie, The Matrix, the main character, Neo has his adventure only begin when heis awaken from the Matrix, and sees for a fact that he had been hooked up to it.

Likewise, your escape has only begun, because you now have the knowledge. The road in front of you is still long and hard, and riddled with danger.

Detaching from the matrix will be different for each person. We are all hooked in differently and to different degrees, so unhooking from it must also be different for each person. I will discuss the major ways you can detach from the matrix, but I am by no means saying these are the only ways for everyone.

A growing industry has risen up for people looking for various means of protecting themselves when that time becomes necessary. People will need to learn to "live off the grid". There are many good books, and videos that you can get to familiarize yourself with the choices available. The basic idea is prepare ahead of time. You will want to put together for your family a "Go Bag" or also called a "Boogie Bag". This is a bag that you can "grab" in and emergency and "go" immediately with.

Some things to store:
1. Gold and Silver coins, bars, or jewelry.
2. Water and Water Filter / Purifier.
3. Storable food.
4. Seeds / Garden
5. A means of protection. ( guns, pepper spray...etc. )
6. Medicine

The list can be longer depending upon your location and needs. This is just a sample to get you started. You cando your own research and find many good suppliers. Many of these things are available on the internet.

Divest from the corporate state
The only way to get free of the matrix is to unplug yourself. One plug at a time. Each time you find an alternative to purchasing from a large corporation, or doing without the item, you further unplug yourself. Some people run around totally free. Some are partially free,and that's ok, if that is working for them. It's not about right or wrong, or it being all good, or all bad. It's about what is the right level of being unplugged for each of us.

How To Begin

The key to remember when downsizing,or unplugging, is "smaller is better".
Large companies are more likely tied into the corporate state. Presently the large companies have an agenda todo away with the smaller companies. The corporate state has bought off all 3 branches of government, and the media. The aim in the coming years will be for them to use regulation to make it unfeasible for small companies to survive,and have laws ready to remove them when they can't keep up.

Ending The System OfDebt

Overcome feeling helpless
As I have outlined for you, the system that is now in place is vast. I say to you however, that what is available to you is even far vaster. Only a little bit of light is needed to illuminate the darkest of spaces!

Once you have woken up, by reading books, watching videos, searching the internet, and talking to fellow patriots,you have begun the first step. This waking up process takes place on many levels, because you are beginning to see all the ways you have been misled, on each of these levels. This can be a time of feeling you are on an emotional rollercoaster. You are excited about everything you are learning, but also sad and even frightened by the darkness of what you are learning.

From Slavery To New World Rebel

Manifest your dreams and desires
Do you know why the caged bird sings? Even though it may be locked up it perceives itself free. Perception is all that is required. If you are free and sovereign on the inside, then no matter how many bars they place around you they cannot take your joy. Only you can give it away. Only you can decide to give it to them.

Anyone who survived a concentration camp knows this. Eli Weizel, Nobel Prize winner, has said, "I was born in a ghetto, but the ghetto was not in me". He means that he was born into a hard situation, poverty, discrimination...etc. Yet that is not what is inside him. Inside him was beauty, and hope, and dreams of a better day. That day, finally came about, because he held tight to who he was inside, despite what his outer situation told him.

The key to being able to manifest your dreams and desires is the ability to FEEL the thing that you want to bring into your life, before it is actually there. You need to be able to FEEL AS IF you already are experiencing that which you want to bring into existence. If you do it good, your mind, and even your body, does not know the difference between the thought, and the actual thing.

A New Normal

"It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change." ~ by Charles Darwin

We, however owe our success or failure equally to forces outside us and inside us. In fact as we progress in this game, the forces inside of us have even more power, and responsibility. I have spent thousands of hours counseling people, and I can tell you that how they feel depends on their thoughts, and their thoughts either are going in a negative direction, of lack, or hopelessness; or in a positive direction of hope, and feeling full.

Creating A New Normal is about learning to reinterpret old patterns of how we see our world. Far more than just "looking at our life through rose colored glasses", this is about physically creating changes within us chemically, and biologically, through thought, and also outside of us shaping our new landscapes, through vibration,and the law of attraction. This includes setting up our lives to be in vibrational match with the frequency of the thing we are trying to bring into our life.

Do not be afraid to dissent. I have learned the agony of fear well, and I have seen its false face. I know now that light is infinitely more powerful, and redemptive. As each human finds this out for themselves the light in the world will grow. Even as the times seem to grow darker and more difficult remember that you have an internal and eternal light. Even as you may find yourself surrounded by darkness, know that your own light can be maintained. You now know what they have tried so hard to hide from you.

Freedom From Fear OfDebt

There is a story about two mice that fell into a bucket of milk. They each tried to get out. As time went on they grew weary. One mouse said "it's useless to keep trying to get out. The walls are too high, and every time we try, we keep slipping and falling back down".That mouse drowned. The other mouse kept swimming. Slowly the milk began to spoil and thicken. Eventually it hardened into butter. The surviving mouse was able to leap out of the bucket!

Never give up. Never surrender. Your struggle now, will not only allow you to survive, but your children's children also. We can throw off these tyrants, but only if we keep our energies up, despite what our current circumstances may tell us. We have to see beyond it. Only by staying in the positive energy, and not cooperating with the thought system of needing to conform, will we guarantee victory one day.

Martin Luther King Jr. said that the moral arc of the universe is long, but it bends towards justice. I believe that. I believe it with my whole heart. I believe that when we all are able to remove fear as an obstacle, and have transcended it's legacy on our lives, we will each choose love. I feel that is true, not only for those of us securely on the path of light, but even for those still in darkness. There is one source, and that is light. Everything else is merely the degree of light given off, or the lack there of. I do not believe that there is a source of darkness. Even dark forces, I believe, are on a path, and will eventually choose love.

That does not mean that you will not experience loss, or pain, it only means that you can transcend it. Once you transcend it, you can find a new normal. Throughout our lives we will need to find new normals. Nothing stays the same. Change is the great teacher in the universe. We need to see we are all pupils, and our classes never end.

Why would a soul sign up for a painful lesson? To understand that we need to understand how a soul would see a particular physical incarnation. We must remember that we are eternal beings. Energy never dies. An eternal being knows that pain, and loss are teachers, just like, love, and success, are also teachers.

There is great knowledge available from your soul. You should find a way to communicate with it regularly. Find something that you like to do such as meditation, walking, running, exercising,or even just sleeping, and asking your soul to use that time to teach you something. Your soul will respond to that invitation. You only need to open your ears to hear it.

"Love is everywhere, if we see it, and nowhere if we don't"
- Kazi Kearse

The Love Police'sMessage To The Resistance


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