Thursday, October 21, 2010

Behold A White Van

I have learned one thing when it comes to the government releasing information. "Where there is smoke, there is fire"! They only reveal the tip of the iceberg, and only after everything is in place, and already operating. So I take what they say, and multiply it many times over. So when they recently released information that the government is purchasing 500 mobile body scanning units, I suspected that the true number is well in the thousands!

This report will document activities at two known locations in question, however I suspect that there are other such sites around the country. The first site in question is not owned, out right, by the government, but instead was owned by a private sub contracting companing. In this case called Pegasus International. While officially having the public face of an event planning and travel company for the elite, it also has known CIA and black opps ties.

Would you be shocked to know that Pegasus International bought an old airpark in Florida that it secretly stocked up with thousands of white vans. It is said that as part of a CIA / NSA operation these vehicles may be outfitted with advanced spying technologies.

Pegasus International also does work with Cerberus Capital Management which just bought a company called Dyn Corp International, which is connected to Goldman Sachs.

What is interesting is that in Greek mythology, ( which the elite's love ) Pegasus was a horse, and it is said that everywhere he stamps his hoofs a spring appears. The town that the airpark is in is called Green Cove Springs. Cerberus is also from Greek mythology and was a half dog / half wolf beast that guarded the gates of hell ( The Hound Of Hell ). Odd that our government would hire such a company for contracts.

Originally when the air park in Florida was found by You Tubers, we thought the white vans were UN vans and were going to be used for mass evacuations of the Gulf states or martial law. That would not come to be. Instead their tue purpose appears to be domestic spying. They are not UN vehicles at all on the private Reynolds Airpark. “Reynolds Airpark” is listed in the Clay County Fla. tax rolls as being wholly owned by a company named Pegasus International ( up until recently, after the vans were dispersed ). They just happen to have an office in Salt Lake City, Utah. Here is where the plot thickens. Their SLC office also houses Dick Cheney’s Halliburton, and is next to the Minerals Management Service (MMS) offices. Worse, their U.K. office “address” is next door to (or possibly even a part of) British Petroleum as well. What is going on?? They also have “offices” in Turkmenistan, Nigeria, and Azerbijan – hotbeds of political intrigue and profiteering for BP. See

But — it gets worse, if possible. “Pegasus International” owns and operates Pegasus Technologies which is involved in a neat little NSA/CIA operation titled the “Information Sharing Council” or ISC. Their “unclassified” 2006 report, says the “Pegasus Program” is the deployment of thousands of vehicles across America, outfitted with domestic spying “Maximum Information Technology” (MaxIT) systems. MaxIT is a joint venture of the following companies: Appriss Inc., Bio-Key International, Inc., Business Communications Inc., Circadence Corporation, Cquay Technologies, Dell, eLabs Inc., MS e-Center and Sun Microsystems.

DynCorp and Pegasus International are basically joined at the hips with many international “joint projects”. There is NO DOUBT in my mind that DynCorp, and Pegasus are CIA FRONT COMPANIES involved in the deepest black ops. Dyncorp Int. was “purchased” back on April 12 by Cerberus Capital, and the “deal” was brokered by Goldman Sachs.

Dyn Corp says that they are a leading governmental service provider, in support of US national security and foreign policy objectives...What???...A private government spy agency???? Bought by a company that names itself after the Hound Of Hell...????

The second location shows similar rows and rows of white vans. This video below shows that they are unmarked. Are these similar to the white vans on the Florida air field? How many more of these secret locations are there? What exactly is in the vans? Is it more than body scanning devices?

The important thing to keep in mind is that this is not just a matter of invasion of privacy, or the publics right to know what the government of police are doing in your community. This technology has KNOWN heath hazards, and notifying is not the same as gaining our consent.

I hope I have helped connect some dots, and raise some questions in your mind. Obviously the American public ( YOU ) need to ask more questions of officials, and investigate this matter further....

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