Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Communicating With Your Energy Field

There are individual energy fields around everything, including you. It is a conscious, vibrant force; that you can learn to communicate with. There are some simple steps you can learn to begin the communication right now…
~ Dr. Kazi Kearse PsyD.

The following is from my upcoming book:
Broke Is Not Broken: Manifesting Abundance In An Age Of Chaos

After you find a technique you are interested in, you can watch the video at the end of each section, before trying it.

What Is An Energy Field?

It was not long after I came to understand that everything has an energy field around it, that I began to ask myself the fundamental question. To me, the fundamental question became what happens when we take conscious control over our thoughts? Can we physically manifest our mental thoughts? Is there a way to consciously cultivate subconscious resources towards fulfilling our goals and desires?

The answer to all the above questions is YES! Modern day researchers and practitioners are developing the use of scientific equipment and principles to study and harness subtle energy fields in and around all living things. Early researchers however, found out that when they took Kirlian Photography pictures of plants they would notice that the way they spoke to or interacted with the plants effected the images on the film.

Some have even begun to find that water molecules take different shapes based upon the thoughts that are sent to them. This has far reaching effects on our understanding of human potential since our bodies are mostly water. The findings from these investigations shout out a new paradigm. They prove to us all that thoughts are not just mental events, but also are physical events. Thoughts have energy, both electrically and chemically. These energies can be studied, and ultimately one can learn to manipulate them.

Modern science is beginning to use these new technologies more and more in our everyday world. Chiropractic and Acupuncture treatments are now reimbursable by many health insurance companies. These treatments use techniques based upon the manipulation of blockages in nerve impulses and chi within the human biofield.

Brain Imaging technology can now display for us exactly how changes in thoughts directly correspond with electrical and chemical changes in the brain. For example, if you think about emotion A, the area in the brain corresponding to A lights up on the screen. Then if you suddenly change your thought to emotion B, area B in the brain will light up, as area A dims.

Any electrical current creates an electromagnetic field. Every cell in our body contains many electrical charges with usually one dominant overall charge, either positive or negative, based on the sum and type of charges. Each cell becomes like a little battery, and as David Feinstein states in his many books on Energy Psychology, we each have about 75 trillion of these little batteries going on and off all day long. To help us navigate these vast interactions, we can begin by examining the flow of subtle energy. This energy flows throughout the universe. At the macro level, it hurls galaxies through space and at the micro level it moves energy throughout your body.

Feeling The Energy Flow Of Your Own Body

There have been many names for the energy field around the human body. Many cultures where aware of it. The Chinese called it Chi, and that is still one of the most popular names today. You can feel your own chi. Cup your hands slightly, and slowly bring them about 6 – 12 inches apart from eachother. Focus your attention on your palms and the space between your hands. Get quite, and see if you begin to feel something between your two hands. It may feel warm, or like a tingling. Some people feel a pulsating, or pulling, pushing sensation. Play with it. This is your energy field…

Feel The Energy Between Your Hands

Muscle Testing Technique

There is no longer any doubt that our bodies hold innate knowledge and wisdom that we are only beginning to tap into. Applied Kinesiology developed by Dr. George Goodheart shows us that certain Indicator Muscles can tell us whether the item we are holding is good or bad for us. His pioneering work was followed by Dr. John Diamond, who found that you could get the same results with emotional and intellectual stimuli. He called this Behavioral Kinesiology.

Proper training is needed to master these skills however the basic steps can be shown with just you and a partner working together. The first person, we’ll call the subject, stands up and holds their left arm straight out. The second person, we’ll call the researcher, places their left hand on the subject’s right shoulder, and their right hand on the subject’s extended left arm just above the wrist. The researcher then tells the subject to resist them trying to push the subject’s arm down. Only slight to moderate pressure or resistance is needed by either person.

The subject then holds and item that they want to find out about, against their mid section, somewhere that feels comfortable between your upper stomach and chest. You can also do this regarding a person, place, or thing. You can write it down on paper, or speak their name out loud. At that moment, the second person, or researcher applies pressure downward on the subjects extended arm. The arm will either stay strong, or will go downward, testing weak. A strong response means your body / higher self / God force sees that item as positive for you, and your greatest good. A weak response, or your hand going down, shows that your body / higher self / God force sees the item in question as not good for you. As David Hawkins MD. explains in his ground breaking book, Power vs Force, this technique has stood the test of time and has shown to be predictable, and repeatable with people of many different ages and backgrounds.

Muscle Testing With A Partner
( Slight Variation in Technique Shown)

Muscle Testing Yourself With Your Fingers

There are also various forms of muscle testing yourself. It is ok to use these self test techniques if a partner is not available, or if you want to ask yourself a quick question regarding your subconscious beliefs. You can also use it if you want to quickly check if something is good for you.

What you do is touch the tips of your thumb and pointer fingers together, on your least dominant hand. Your fingers should form a circle. You then take your pointer finger on your dominant hand and stick it in the middle of the circle. Ask a question, and then quickly swipe your pointer finger on your dominant hand, against the circle formed by your two fingers on your least dominant hand. See if the circle breaks. An affirmative answer will test strong, and your fingers on your less dominate hand will not give way. A no answer will be when the fingers on your dominant hand releases and gives way, indicating that the person, or thought in question, is not good for you.

Muscle Testing Finger Test

The Standing Pendulum Test

The Standing Pendulum Test is a third way to muscle test. This process combines the ability to hold the item you want to test, and the quickness and convenience of being able to do this work without having to have a partner. To do it, you stand up straight. If you are holding an item that you would like to test place it against you, in your solar plexus region between your upper stomach and lower chest area. Think of a question, and verbalize it out loud.

You will then begin to feel your body want to tilt in a certain direction. You will feel a pull forward or backwards. A pull forward is a positive response to your question. Your body / higher self / God force, is telling you that it feels favorable about the item in question. A pull backwards is a weak, or negative response from your body / higher self/ God force, and means that the item in question is not good for you.

You can do this with questions you have, or to access your innate knowing about a person, place or thing. For example, if you are unsure of your feelings towards someone you can hold a picture of them, write their name down on a piece of paper, or simply say their name out loud. Your body will either move forward, if they are good for you, or your body will tilt backwards if they are not good for you.

Standing Muscle Testing

*The above techniques are for self knowledge purposes only, and not meant to treat, or cure any mental or physical conditions, nor take the place of seeking a health care provider.