Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Sky Is Falling ( But It's A Good Thing )

Do you remember the story of Chicken Little ?  As a child it was my favorite story, and now I know why. It’s a parable, that could be the key to aid us all in facing what is coming in the days ahead, and growing from it. I would like to share my insight with you…

Chicken Little was walking down the street one day, when an acorn fell from a tree and hit him in the head. A fox was watching him and was about to bounce on him when he noticed that other ducks and birds were coming around Chicken Little because he was getting them all worried about “the sky falling”. He waited till there were many different birds around, but soon realized that he was greatly outnumbered. He needed to come up with a plan, so he dressed up like a policeman and told them he would save them if they just got into his police van.

Now, of course it wasn’t a real police van. He just decorated it to look like one. He was really planning to lure them on to the van and the drive them away and eat them. Once he got them all on the van he revealed to them the truth. That the sky is not falling, and that it was an acorn that fell from a tree. The fox laughed at the birds for being so gullible, and through the acorn up into the air!

Just then Sergeant Hippo Heffty was flying by in a helicopter and the acorn got stuck in the copter gears! The helicopter crashed into the van with the birds in it, and they escaped to freedom!!!

How does this relate to our struggle today? Chemtrails cross our skies and literally do fall down on us. The New World Order, Agenda 21, and more lies than I can list, rain down on us on a daily basis. Economies around the world are collapsing and it appears there is no end in sight to the misery spreading around the globe. It is easy to think these are the end times


Like the fox, the greedy international banking families, lick their lips, as they spread fear around the globe. They realize though that there a re many of us, and only a few of them, so they must come up with a sneaky plan. What about a plan where we destroy ourselves? Through a global ponzi scheme they can get us to drown ourselves in debt, until there is no other choice but to get on the van they drive up to load us into.


By believing their costumes they get us to cooperate and do the opposite of what is in our own interest. By believing in our higher selves / higher power we can crash and smash those vans before we ever have to get into them.


The truth can be revealed to us. The truth is, the sky is falling, but it’s a good thing. No matter what happens we will learn lessons from it, find a way to survive, and be a better person because of it….


~ Kazi Kearse