Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Love Flows Like Water

Life is like a river. Too often we try and swim against the current. We resist what life is trying to show us. We get caught up in the forms, that life is presenting us with, instead of seeing past them. So we try and go upstream, when life is flowing downstream. We forget that love is a boat…
~ Kazi Kearse

The following is from my upcoming book: “Broke Is Not Broken: How To Manifest Abundance In An Age of Chaos”, by Dr. Kazi Kearse PsyD. ( essay formerly titled: Swimming Lessons For The River of Life )

Limitless Love

Those words set me free, when I first heard them. It was confirmation of something I have felt inside for so long, but had never given words to it. It was the exact opposite of what society tried to have me accept all these years. The fallacy that makes you pin all your hopes for love on finding that one form, that one person.

The fallacy of romantic love combines with the ego to convince us that we “have” a spouse or lover. To the Ego it actually feels like we have ownership, or claim to the object of our so called love. I say “so called love”, because this is not true love.

True love is limitless. This instead is still from fear based love. When you love yourself you do not fear being alone. Being alone is an opportunity to love yourself even more! You know that love is limitless in the universe. If one person, or form loses interest in you, or rejects you, you know that the loving universe will provide more forms in the future.

End your fear! Trust in a loving universe. You are your own judge, jury, and executioner. You are also free, at any moment, to be your own redeemer. You are in a temporary world. Give up the illusion of permanence. Nothing is permanent in this world! Friends, lovers, bodies, all “things” in life pass away.

When you see your beloved in everyone, then everyone becomes your beloved. Open fearlessly to love and all its changing forms. Wanting what is best not only for yourself, but for your beloved. Even to the point if it ultimately leads to separation of the partnership. When you are grounded in your understanding that you are an eternal being you know that we are never truly separated, and no separation is eternal. You know that we come together at certain times and sometimes we go through a particular lifetime together, and other times we have other things that we must experience separately.

It is time to end the fear of freedom with those we say we love. The words “ I love you, and I want to be with you, right now”, becomes a beautiful phrase, and the hope in my heart that I can help you to achieve your greatest good, is my highest task. I would love for your greatest good to be with me, but I know that that may not always be the case.

No longer do I try to keep love. For when I try to keep love I realize that I have destroyed it. I enjoy my alone time, and no longer fear it. I do not need to manipulate another to keep me from feeling alone. For when I am alone I am still with my own love for myself, and that’s become a really good thing! If I am rejected by someone I do not wallow in feeling unworthy. I know that I am love, and love is all around me. What should I have to fear?

The outcome is guaranteed! We are in an expanding universe and therefore we will all reach the same spot one day. We all will eventually reach enlightenment. Thus be easy on yourself. Do not strain to force yourself to go where you are not ready to go yet. For this is not about keeping up with anyone, it’s about knowing yourself! Do not try and force a blissful feeling if you are not feeling it.

The feeling will arrive itself, naturally, when it is the right time.
You are exactly where you should be right now. Love is all around you, if you could only see it. It is limitless, and when you are able to get in the flow with it, you can become an expression of limitless love to yourself and others.

Only your beliefs can cast you out from the flow, and only your beliefs can keep you in the flow. While staying in the flow is preferable, ( when we remember that we are eternal beings ) we can also realize that our time in the flow will increase over time and assure us that bliss, enlightenment, and limitless love will all be permanent states for all of us eventually!

Everyone will awaken at their own pace. Each individual will drop their conditional love patterns after they have experienced the failure of it not being able to make them happy for long. Each of us come here to experience contrast, and to grow from experiencing it. Contrast is the difference you experience between what you desire to happen and what actually happens. If this planet is a school room, than contrast is the main curriculum!

When you become love you end your quarrels with those around you. Since we are all God, and all made up of the same Source Energy, in essence one being; who is it we are really fighting? You may think that you hate your neighbor, but the contrast he provides for you is vital to why you are down here, and will be what advances you and ultimately leads to your freedom. Thus the pain they cause you is also advancing you.

We know that in the grand scheme of things, our dramas are self created, and designed to challenge and advance us. We also know that when we have disputes with people, we are really arguing with God, who is in the temporary form of our neighbor. Time after time we have seen that this only leads to suffering. So now we may turn to our neighbor, and try reacting differently. We can act from the love inside us, and we can find the loving response.

“ The experience of unconditional love begins in your heart, not in someone else’s. Don’t make your ability to love yourself conditional on someone else’s ability to love you”. - Paul Ferrini -

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