Sunday, June 20, 2010

The BP Distraction

As I fully explained in my last NOTES, it is my belief that British Petroleum ( BP ), a globalist organization, in consort with several other globalist organizations, planned, carried out, and is managing the oil disaster in the Gulf Of Mexico. The question is why....????

There are several answers to this question. We can take the answers one at a time, and when we are finished I believe you will clearly see the various forces at work. First let me say that as i point out in my previous NOTES commentary, oil is one of the ways the globalists plan on using to depopulate the world. To cull the number of "useless eaters" ( that's what they call you and me ) from 6.5 billion down to 0.5 billion. The oil rig disaster serves the purpose of helping to bring that about, not only by the mega amounts of oil released into the ocean, but also allowing them to introduce even more toxic chemicals into the water cycle, such as corexit.

This is added to and multiplied by aerial spraying of aluminum and barium, known as "chemtrails", fluoridation of our water, and products using water, as well as genetically modified food, known as GMO's.

There are other purposes that the oil distraction serves. The globalists are headed by the international banking families. Mainly from Europe.They have been accused of using BP to carry out their dirty deeds before.

Link: Alex Jones Show about the BP Oil Distraction

If you can still recall, there is a banking crisis, or "global economic collapse" happening. It use to be front page news....But not anymore...There use to be intense focus on what regulations were or were not being put in place by governments....But not anymore...

Now its all about BP and the latest attempts to cap the geyser, or clean up the oil....

They are using it to distract you from even more however, such as a growing war against Iran. Quietly, without a single vote in congress, the globalists have put sanctions in place that are meant to draw Iran into striking back. While you were distracted, they have approved a blockade, that will give themselves ( the United States or Israel, with UN backing ) the right to board Iranian vessels. That would of course draw a military reaction from Iran....and bingo...WAR!!!

Link: The Anglo-Saxon Mission

War will lead to further culling, especially when other countries like Russia and China get involved. At least that is the plan, but I believe we can change it, or at least do our part to throw our monkey wrench into the war machine.

STOP COOPERATING....EDUCATE....RESIST....Pass this message on to someone you love...

by Dr. Kazi Kearse PsyD.

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