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An Extinction Level Event

I learned at an early age to see with more than my eyes. The eyes can be deceived. That is why magicians can do wondrous illusions. They may wave something in front of you with one hand, and manipulate another thing with the hand that is behind their back. The corporate state is no different. While they flash before you a group of people or boats cleaning up, behind the scenes they are selling stock and bringing in foreign troops.

I will try and expose some of their illusions for you, so that you can see them as the tricks they really are. We will connect the dots of a vast underground elite worldwide manipulation to bring about an Extinction Event.

Let me explain what an Extinction Event is. Over the past 540 million years, there have been 5 known extinction events, where over half the life on earth perished. The last one, about 65 million years ago, killed off the dinosaurs. The last 5 extinction events where all natural in origin, meteors, pole shifts, ice ages...etc. The extinction event that has begun is the first of its kind. A man made extinction event.

A small group of men, and international banking families have been amassing power behind the scenes for hundreds of years. I will not go into how they did that here, but you can read my other posts and find out how they did what they did. What they did was construct a control grid around the world. Through controlling EVERYTHING they are able to reap great profits. When you go from millions to billions to trillions of dollars of worth, eventually it becomes less about money and more about power.

Our country is not owned by the United States government, nor is it run by the government. Overseas bankers own our country, principally British and European banking families. Congress gave it to them, over 130 years ago, through bribery and debt. Today they own everything, including you. Most of the money you earn goes to them....And if you don't pay them, they will lock you up.

But eventually, even this was not good enough for them. They knew that we would eventually wake up to what they were doing. They have figured out that they can only effectively, and sustainably control about 500,000 people. More than that, and they will eventually be strung up by the masses.

Their solution they call The Great Culling. The slow extermination of the other 6 billion people on the planet. Hundreds of different programs where funded to manipulate our air, water, and food, with the ultimate aim being sterilization, and slow kill extermination through cancer, and other diseases.

The elite use corporations to do their dirty work. One of the oldest and most corrupt has been British Petroleum ( BP ). Did you know that BP is the 4th largest corporation in the world? It use to be owned by the British government. Back in the 1950's it joined together with the CIA and installed the Shah of Iran, who was very ruthless, but backed their oil interests.

I wonder if half of the zeal to attack Iran, is them wanting to get their old control back? Either way, the relationship between the BP and the British and American governments has only grown over the years.They do this today through puppets like Tony Blair and Dick Cheney. Remember the first top secret meeting Cheney had after getting in office was with oil companies. Soon after 9/11 happened, and they divided up the middle east oil fields and pipelines. BUT, what if that wasn't where their evil plan ended? What if it also included plans for an event in 2010, that Cheney would still be involved with through his company Halliburton?

Wall Street and Corporate Manipulation:

The gulf oil disaster occurred on April 20th, 2010. However days and weeks before the actual event happened there were very large stock sell offs by Goldman Sachs, BP, and their executives, like Tony Hayward, who is now their spokesperson. Why would these executives dump what had been good stock in mass? No other reason except insider trading. They knew something was going to happen. Just like they knew before hand on 9/11 and dumped stock. In fact it's the same company, and many of the same executives.

In some very suspicious business negotiations Dick Chaney's Halliburton bought an oil fire fighting company, named Boots and Coots, just weeks before it created the fire at the gulf oil rig. When I say created, it's conjecture of course, but I find it very odd that many of the safety devices were turned off or not working at the time of the explosion on the oil rig.

This is just the beginning of the corporate collusion however. To fully comprehend what happened behind the scenes you have to also understand a company named NALCO. who makes the dispersant BP insists on using even after our government told them not to. Right on the label it says do not inhale contents, yet what is the first thing BP did? They filled planes with it and began aerial spraying!!! Not only is this substance on of the most toxic dispersants they could use, but it becomes extra toxic when in heated by the warm gulf temperatures.This toxic soup not only is ingested by sea and wildlife, but also enters the water cycle, through evaporation and rains down on plants, and people!

There are other companies involved and they are all connected through Dick Cheney. Halliburton has a Salt Lake City office next door to Mineral Mangement Services ( MMS ). MMS was also involved in the oil rig disaster, but they also have an office in England next door to BP. Also,you need to know, that NALCO, the company that makes Corexit is run by a Harvard ( I'm guessing, bonesman ) named
Erik Frywald. Who has ties with Exxon, Dupont, and Eli Lilly

Plot thickens even more, because these companies are also linked to Pegasus International, which while having the public face of an event planning and travel company for the elite, also has known CIA and black opps ties.

Would you be shocked to know that Pegasus International bought an old airpark in Florida that it secretly stocked up with thousands of white vans, an underground bunker, train tracks and large warehouses with pipes going into them? These vehicles were moved into position just prior to the oil rig explosion, as if they knew exactly where it would happen! It is said that as part of a CIA / NSA operation these vehicles may be outfitted with advanced spying technologies.

Pegasus International also does work with Cerberus Capital Management which just bought a company a few days prior to the explosion called Dyn Corp International, which is connected to Goldman Sachs. The next day, Goldman Sachs sold its stock in Trans Ocean, and made a big profit after the oil fire.

What is interesting is that in Greek mythology, ( which the elite's love ) Pegasus was a horse, and it is said that everywhere he stamps his hoofs a spring appears. The town that the airpark is in is called Green Cove Springs. Pegasus was sired by Poseidon, the Greek God Of The Sea. Odd that a company with that name would be involved in such a sea disaster. Cerberus is also from Greek mythology and was a half dog / half wolf beast that guarded the gates of hell ( The Hound Of Hell ).

Dyn Corp says that they are a leading governmental service provider, in support of US national security and foreign policy objectives...What???...A private government spy agency???? Bought by a company that names itself after the Hound Of Hell...???? Ummm...let's summarize what we are learning...

1. Before the well was blown, certain financial and tactical arrangements were put in place.
2. Once the well was blown, it would be handled first, by BP's corporate army, and second by U.S.
3. Corexit would be used, developed by NALCO.
4. Contamination of sea, and and air, would begin.
5. Aim: Extinction Event ( as prophetsized by Credo Mutwa, Hopi, and others).
6. Goal: New World Order / World Government for remaining 500,000

The Extinction Event has begun. Already it is effecting not only the sea life, and wildlife, but also crops near by have developed a strange virus. Some with white spots on the leaves, some with yellow. The plants / crops are turning brown, and dying suddenly. They are calling it a plaque, but we all know where it is coming from. The oil that's gushing out, and the dispersants they are spraying. BP KNOWS EXACTLY WHAT THEY ARE DOING!!!!

The most toxic chemicals coming out of the gulf is not the oil, or even the dispersants, but something called Volatile Organic Compounds. These are natural chemicals that are highly concentrated at extremely toxic levels and are spewing up with the oil from under the ground. The EPA has taken readings in the gulf and the levels of these compounds are off the charts!!! If you can smell the oil, you are breathing it in, and need to get far away.

Lindsey Williams, who use to work as a preacher on the Alaskan oil pipeline, spoke recently on the Alex Jones Radio Show and released the following EPA figures from that day:
Notable VOLATILE ORGANIC COMPOUNDS now being leaked from the hole:

(Items 1-3 as read by Lindsey Williams from his copy of this week's unreleased (handed to him) EPA report):

1. Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) being emitted at levels of 1,200 PARTS PER BILLION (ppb) into the surrounding Gulf water (AND into the AIR ABOVE the surface, once it surfaces due to density issues) - KNOWN levels which are considered "safe" for human life are = ONLY 5-10 ppb;

2. Benzene (C6H6) being emitted at levels of 3,000 ppb (human safe levels = ONLY 0-4 ppb);

3. Methylene Chloride (aka DCM / dichloromethane CH2Cl2) being emitted at levels of 3,400 ppb (human safe levels at BELOW <61 ppb).

* Alex Jones also reported he had read or heard rumors about emissions of ...

4. VANADIUM particulate expulsion (safe levels UNKNOWN: per Wikipedia there are 2 isotopes of Vanadium naturally occurring: 1 stable, 1 RADIOACTIVE!).

RUPTURE is not just in 1 place, but since the initial strike, there are now at least 2 locations, each hole 20 miles apart.

Full Lindsey Williams Interview:

I hope that I have made some things clear to you. This is an unprecedented Extinction Event. It was planned, and and is being managed by a cabal of elite bankers and corporations, along with the CIA and NSA through international ties to multinational corporations.The crown has landed on our shores, to finish the job it started in 1776....And it won't require a single British soldier. The corporations, private security forces, and foreign UN troops, are going to do it for them....

So what can we do about it????? First we have to tell people. You need to help get this information out to people. Tell your friends, the media, whoever will listen. We will have to make drastic changes to our lives. Some people may have to move. Patriots can begin to fight back against the elite, by stopping cooperating with the machine, and throwing our bodies into the gears, make it slow down...and eventually grind to a stop! Begin by changing how you think. Shop at the local market instead of the chain store. Take your money to a credit union, instead of the big banks. Everyone can change in their own individual ways. Begin today, right now.

We need to put together the best minds from around the world in how to stop the oil from coming up. This will have to be a private operation outside of government or corporate involvement. We need to do it, like our lives depend on it, because it does...

Lastly, I want my children to know, that daddy tried to stop it. We have difficult days ahead. Gandhi said, that first they ridicule you, then they want to kill you, then you win. I fully expect that we will be made fun of, mainstream media will try and say we are extremists. Then they will try to imprison and kill us. Which they are already doing...but I would rather face them head on then take their slow death...

Martin Luther King said in his last speech: "I may not get there with you, but we as a people will get to the promised land". Individually, there's no guarantee of your outcome, but together as a people, if we stand up together we can defeat the elite!!!

~ Dr. Kazi Kearse PsyD.

* I would like to thank my friends who inspired me and helped provide me with such good information...

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