Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Greatest Lie Ever Told

“ Mr. Speaker, we are now in chapter 11. Members of....

Congress are officially presiding over the greatest....

reorganization of any bankrupt entity in history”…....

Congressman James Traficant March 17th 1993....

I’m afraid that those words uttered by congressman James Traficant, back in 1993 were true. In fact this was not the first time that the ....United States.... and its citizens were secretly in official bankruptcy.

We have been bankrupt right from the start. It’s how banks prefer their patrons, because they can charge them high interest rates and get away with requiring all sorts of servitude, that they would never get away with under prosperity. In 1776 we won our “independence” from ....England...., but we were financially bankrupted by the costs of the war. We took a loan and entered into a bankruptcy agreement with the Bank Of England. The terms of this agreement required us to give our new found property rights over to the bank. Thus the Bank Of England owned the ....United States Of America.....

The Civil War also created another bankruptcy opportunity for the international bankers. The European bankers helped ferment the war, and then cashed in on our weakened state. In return for our solvency they would extract their pound of flesh! They would do this by dismantling the constitution of one of the major countries whose existence challenged the authority of the crown.

Shortly after the Civil War, congress passed The Act of 1871, which threw out our real constitution, replaced it with the corporate constitution, and created the ....District Of Columbia..... The new country would be called THE UNITED STATES ( in all capital letters ), as opposed to The United States Of America. The Constitution of the ....united states of America...., as it was once written, was changed to THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STASTES OF AMERICA.

The capital letters were placed into the constitution and the name of the country for very specific reasons. The people who drafted the changes where changing the government from a republic to a corporation.

You are also a corporation. Bet you didn’t know that! I know, I was shocked when I found out. They don’t tell you this in school. However if you look on your birth certificate, drivers license, or any other legal certificate from the government, you will see your name in capital letters. The reason for this is so that the owners of the United States Corporation can own you.

The government does not work for the people. It is beholden to the corporation. The center of the corporation is The District Of Columbia. The lawmakers there work for the corporation, not you and me anymore. The corporation controls the democrats and the republicans. They may try and fool people who do not really understand, but once you know these facts they will no longer be able to fool us.

In 1909 there was a major down turn in the economy ( probably purposeful shrinkage of the money supply ) and the banksters took advantage again by creating the Federal Reserve Bank in 1913. The foreign owners ( hypothecated ) were given the right to all land, and all people, inside the ....United States Of America...., as security. In exchange they would issue us credit, and print as much money as we would need. At least that was the plan that was sold to congress. The bank’s shareholders ( some foreign families ) were given title to everything within the ....United States...., and we the people, would be listed as the beneficiaries, by way of a birth certificate. This certificates would be a commodity. Your birth certificate is given specific monetary value and traded on the stock exchange. The red numbers on your birth certificate correspond to your stock number that is traded on the stock exchange.

You didn’t know you where traded on the stock exchange? I didn’t know either, for the longest time, but it’s true. In fact it is estimated that you are worth between 1-2 million dollars.

In 1933, after years of the banks restricting the money supply, causing the stock market to crash, and the great depression; congress passed The Emergency Banking Act. This dissolved the ....United States of America...., it’s sovereign authority, and all of it’s governmental bodies. From that day on, the ....United States Of America.... would exist in name only.

Authority was turned over to the International Monetary Fund ( linked to the Rothschild’s ). The International Monetary Fund is the “center” of all the central banks around the world. Through similar schemes they have acquired the rights and legal title to most of the property and people around the world.

I will discuss this further in my upcoming book " Creating A New Normal: How To Manifest Abundance In An Age Of Chaos", but for now watch these videos and learn what is really going on. In future entries I will go into what we can do about it.

- Dr. Kazi Kearse PsyD.

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