Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Elite's Plan For World Domination

The plot against you is intricate and on one hand has taken many generations to shape. While on the other hand, it is amazingly simple. The plot as I see it, consists of 4 stages. The key to understanding how the elite think is to remember the phrase the banking elite are most famous for: “competition is sin”. Today, the only competition for a World Government would be The United States. We are the only super power left. Thus, before they are able to establish a world government and have it truly be unopposable, they need to eliminate the power and influence of the United States, and its people. Otherwise, there could be an uprising, and a true leader might be elected who would then command an army, that not only has nuclear weapons, awesome fire power, but also bases in 130 countries around the world.

The elite can not take that chance. The threat needs to be eliminated. This is how I believe they will plan to do it:

The Elite’s Plan For World Domination

1. Kill The Dollar

Through their corporate state they can use corporations like Goldman Sachs ( which they own ) to manipulate, oil prices, and financial instruments, like derivatives. Through the Federal Reserve Bank ( which they own ) they can manipulate complex bailouts that promise one thing, but deliver another. Wealth can be redistributed, and the dollar collapsed. The Media ( which they own ) can be used to keep the people confused and misdirected. Bailouts and wars can plunder the economy and the dollar. Eventually the bubble will burst and the dollar will collapse.

2. Bring The United States To Third World Status

As I stated above, the elite cannot allow a powerful United States to exist. They must weaken it to the point that it is no longer a threat. When people are so busy just trying to survive, they do not have the time, or ability to oppose you. The elite have historically used a trickle up, pyramid, model. Through taxes, fees, fines, and the things you need for daily living that you purchase through their corporations, the majority of your money will trickle up to them. They will seek to return the world to a two class society. The very rich and the poor masses.

3. Use the Healthcare Reform Act To Bring In Complete Government Control

Hidden inside the fine print over the over 2,500 page bill, and steeped in legalese is the authority for government, through the IRS ( which they own ) to collect healthcare taxes, fees, and penalties, through direct withdrawal , seizure, or garnishment of your paycheck and bank account. If that is not enough they will hold over your head the threat of imprisonment, or the elimination of your ability to buy, sell, drive, travel or receive healthcare.

4. Instituting Themselves As Head Of a One World Government

Once the obstacles are out of the way, like the American people, and the control grid is laid down around the world, they will bring in a One World Government. It will not be like anything we have now, but probably mostly resembling China. China is almost already there, so the amount of upheaval will be less there than in the west. Although westerners will have to change the most, poor people all around the world will suffer the greatest.

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