Sunday, May 27, 2012

American Spring

The streets of Cairo are filling back up again, as the people realize the system has douped them once again with offering them only a false choice of the "puppet on the left, or the puppet on the right"!!! This ain't over....
These are difficult times. The tendency by some of you may be to frame the protests in the Middle East in a negative light and to look away, however I see something very positive and enlightening being born. The people of Egypt, and citizens of Cairo are at a very crucial moment. In fact, the world is at a crucial moment, along with Egyptians as we all struggle to free ourselves from authoritarian rule by oligarchs who have for too long sacrificed innocent people’s long term health, freedom, and futures, for their own short term political and financial gain…..

There is a chance that a domino effect might occur, and the people power revolution that is happening in Egypt could spread to other countries and even the United States. This is not the first time that the people of the world have had this opportunity. Some of you may remember in the 1980’s Ferdinand Marcos was the long time leader ( puppet of the West ) of the Philippines. He was ruthless, and corrupt, and just as unpopular as Mubarak is now in Egypt.

He was forced out of office by a popular uprising that became known as the People Power Revolution. It was a non violent movement that used love as a weapon to disable it’s enemies. In fact, their symbol was the letter “L”, which they made with their thumb and pointer finger. When Marcos tried to send in the army to break up the protest the army was overcome with love, and Marcos failed. He had to flee his country, and Corazon Aquino was elected as their true president.

The world had a chance back then for the revolution to spread to all the masses of people around the world. Back then however, many people were still asleep politically, and spiritually. This moment in time represents a new chance. Are enough people awake now to have the People Power revolution start somewhere, like Egypt, and spread to other countries around the world? Are you ready? Do you love freedom more than you fear freedom?

If you are, then seize the day! We are all Cairo. The globalists are doing the same thing in every country. All designed to set us up for world government. Order out of chaos. They create the chaos, by crashing the economy, weaken your health and safety, and then they offer the solution, which is to give them all your money and labor, through austerity and authoritarian world government. One by one, nation by nation, they will come for us, if we do not stand together. Thus it is so vital for us to each realize now that we are all Cairo!

Learn more about the People Power Revolution in the Philippines. It offers a road map of how people can non violently take back their government. Corazon Aquino is a wonderful role model of how an average person can get involved in their government, and lead their fellow citizens through difficult times. The ball is in your court…

If you want it…the revolution is here!!!!

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