Monday, January 17, 2011

Brown People Speak

The "white devil" is no longer seen as the true enemy. People of color around the world are coming to the understanding that their true enemies are the international banking families. Realization is spreading that the war is on all of us. We are waking to the truth that GMO's, pesticides, aerial geo engineering, fluoridation, etc.... are weapons against all the masses of people...

KRS One is a prophetic rapper who has been dropping knowledge for over two decades. He spreads the message that globalization is a deceptive agenda. He shows us that they are trying to tempt us into their prison planet. He teaches us that there is a black face on the New World Order, but its still the agenda favoring the elite.

KRS One: Obama Deception

Have your heard Louis Farrakhan in awhile ???? His message is no longer about the evils of the white man. He has, like you, and I, come to the understanding that there is a small group of people at the top ( the banking families ) who have manipulated politics, caused wars, and massive amount of death and poverty around the world.

The Banking Plot of The Rothschilds

Exposing The Federal Reserve   

The Truth Of 9/11

Genetic Modification And The War Against You

Sherry Peel Jackson is a former IRS agent, that discovered that the IRS was really a sham, and there was no actual law on the books that said you had to pay income taxes. She woke up to the fact that it was really a private organization working for the international banking families. That the taxes they collect ( by force ) are sent over seas to the true owners of the organization, to pay debt that the politicians / government runs up. The real evil part is that these same banking families that get the money, are the ones who buy and influence the government to spend and run up the debt…

Sherry was imprisoned by the IRS for several years after this video was made. She is now finally free!

Sherry Peel Jackson

Tim Wise may not be a person of color, but the information is the best background I have ever seen. He fully explains how white people and black people are pitted against each other, not for their own gain, but for the gain of the international banking families…

Tim Wise

Dr. Dahlia Wasfi was born to a Jewish mother and an Iraqi father. She teaches today about the true face of the War in Iraq, and how “Israel First” is Zionism and works against the interest of Americans, Iraqi civilians, and even Israelis. She exposes that a small group of Neo Con’s and Zionists are manipulating politics and the media…

Dahlia Wasfi : Israel First

Human Catastrophe

Sheik Imran Hosein is an international scholar and middle eastern philosopher who has accurately outlined exactly what is behind what Israel and The United States are doing in the middle east….

The Grand Deception

Mumia Abu Jamal was accused of killing a police officer over 3 decades ago. He has maintained his innocence the whole time and as only asked for one thing… A new trial.. This has been continually denied him by our so called Justice system. From his cell however, he continues to write and broadcast his political views and commentary the events going on around the world, and how we are all being manipulated and imprisoned by a small elite….

From Death Row

The Wall Street Crash

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  1. I can relatee to this Kazi, at the very core of things. I am finally grasping that real strength and growth in life comes from our struggles and our attitude is our navigational system.