Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Love Is Fire

Love is everywhere in the universe, if we can see it. It does not have to be placed only on one person or one thing that we think without it we can have no love. In this school room of life, CHANGE is the only constant...And LOVE is the ultimate possiblity, each moment of our lives...Love is the fire that transforms. It can bring joy and it can bring pain...Yet even in the pain, we can stay aware that love is limitless in the universe, and we can connect with it again...perhaps this tme in a different form...

Remember... From ashes comes a new forest...

                               Love Is Fire

Love Is Fire

When its fire storm is through

There's only ashes left of you

Love is transformational

Something old is laid low

But from the ashes

A rainforest will grow

Love is the unknown

Hidden in every breeze

Life's longing seed

Blows forth

And while picking roses

Sacrifice your hand to thorns

From dust the path is made

A way is found

Remember child

The road to heaven

Begins in hell

So rejoice in your mutation

Bliss pursued promises rejuvenation

You must risk it all to gain it all

You may say seize the day

But I say seize the way

My lover calls me to come dance

To step outside and take a chance

The ego must relinquish its hold

All that I built up

I now let go

I now let go......

~ Kazi Kearse

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