Sunday, July 18, 2010

Stop The Machine

“There is a time when the operation of the machine becomes so odious, makes you so sick at heart, that you can't take part; you can't even passively take part, and you've got to put your bodies upon the gears and upon the wheels, upon the levers, upon all the apparatus, and you've got to make it stop. And you've got to indicate to the people who run it, to the people who own it, that unless you're free, the machine will be prevented from working at all!"
- Mario Savio ( 1964 )

Mario Savio Speech

An activist named Mario Savio spoke those words 46 years ago and inspired thousands of Berkeley students to protest university regulations which severely limited political speech and activity on campus. The non-violent campaign culminated in the largest mass arrest in American history, drew widespread faculty support, and resulted in a revision of university rules to permit political speech and organizing. This significant advance for student freedom rapidly spread to countless other colleges and universities across the country.

What did he mean by “preventing the machine from working”? What happened in American society in the last 46 years, that we did not continue to stop the machine? Do we have a second chance now, to heed his words, and stop the machine across the globe?

What he means by preventing the machine from working is for you to stop cooperating with it. We cooperate when we are silent. Our silence allows the machine to continue. In fact the machine feeds on your silence.

Network - Howard Beale Show

The problem then becomes, so what do we do about it all? We are being attacked from all sides. Our air, water, and food are poisoned. The banking families control everything. They own all the media corporations. They have 95% of congress in their pockets. They have the president, and the supreme court do their bidding. They control how much money is printed, and they own the agency
( the IRS ), that collects the taxes. Which is promptly sent to them, and not our roads and infrastructure. They took most of the gold, and own half of the money in the world….Oh , and congress also gave them title to all the land in the United States ( including your property ), and title to you and your children, through acquiring the right to your birth certificate, which they use as a tradable document. They also took over the government and changed its name to THE UNITED STATES CORPORATION. That was way back in 1871….

So what do we do?????

1. Get Mad
2. Tell folks about it ( because they are still lying now ) especially your kids
3. Organize
4. Stop cooperating

Network – Mad As Hell

People Power Revolution

You may remember in the 1980’s the Philippines was ruled by a dictator named Ferdinand Marcos. After years of tyranny the people got to have elections. The challenger was Benino Aquino. He was loved by the people, but had been forced into exile by Marcos. For the election, however he was returning to challenge Marcos. Benino Aquino was assassinated as he stepped off the plane.

The people had finally had enough. Everything STOPPED. Instead of business as usual, and instead of just carrying on with their jobs, and families; the people began to up rise…..and the military began to defect…and the church nuns joined the protesters. The citizens poured into the capital in mass…and sat…peacefully determined to stay and continue the protest until Marcos left…and he did!!!

In his place the people elected Cory Aquino, who was Benino’s wife. I have part of her speech below and a little story about the People Power Revolution that was begun there. One of the few times in history when there was a peaceful uprising that successfully ousted the power structure.

I believe we can do that here, and around the world, if we have the key ingredients that worked in the Philippines:

1. Peaceful Non Violent Protesting by large numbers of people, whose will and
determination are stronger than the oppressors will to hold power over them.

2. Military officers refusing orders to act against the people.

3. Involvement of the clergy in the protests.

* Their symbol hand sign was to make an “L” with your thumb and pointer finger.
L = Love It was a love revolution. The peoples power is love. Love powers the
new engine. Love will grind the old engine of hate and greed to a stop….

The People Power Revolution

Braveheart Speech

Knowledge Is Light

You are a slave to the international banking families. You were born a slave. You will die a slave, and your children will suffer the same fate…Unless you do something about it now. It is no longer about the development of your vibration alone. It is about adding your vibration to others…about a planetary vibration.

Lightworkers cannot focus solely on their own light. Knowledge is light. We must hone it, and develop it, and send it out. We must also look to receive it from others too. To do these things we need to get information out there. Positive messages, of course, but also messages about the damage being done to those we love. We need to shed light on the schemes, and all that is done under cover of darkness. This is how we can be true bringers of light….

We have to stop being small, and stop convincing ourselves we will be content with less, and less. We were born for this time. We were born for this struggle. We were such special beings that we were given the opportunity to be here now, just as the dark forces are attempting to lock down humanity into perpetual servitude…

Fight The New World Order With Global Non Compliance

With Love and Light,
Kazi :-)

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